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The Additional Benefits of a Protection Plan

When you think about a protection or insurance policy you most likely think about a policy which will pay-out either a lump sum of money or a regular income to support yourself and your family should anything unexpected happen.

However, most people don’t realise that there is a lot more to the plans than insurance. Many providers offer additional benefits and services with their plans aimed at supporting you and your family’s life, health and wellness.
These benefits are in addition to your plan, meaning you don’t need to make a claim in order to access them.

Different providers will offer different benefits so it’s always good to check what you can get.

These are some of the most common ones.

Support for Mental Health

Good mental health is essential to our overall well-being and just as important as physical health. These benefits mean you have access to support if and when needed.

• Access to a series of counselling sessions for yourself to support you in something you are dealing with, whether that’s personal or professional.

• Emotional and practical support if you find yourself caring for an elderly relative, and bereavement support if you lose a family member.

• Access to an NHS approved app where you can get personalised advice and recommendations to help prevent, detect and manage mental health conditions.

Medical Support

Many providers offer a selection of Medical and physical health support.

  • Some providers offer a Health MOT.
  • If you have a medical issue you want advice on, many plans will offer you a direct phone number for 24/7 access to a qualified, trained medical professional.
  • Or you could get 24/7 access to a virtual GP consultation with a qualified, experienced, NHS practising doctor delivered through an app.
  • A hospitalisation benefit means that you could get a sum of money for a number of weeks whilst you are not able to work because of an injury.
  • Some providers offer fracture cover. This is great if you have a physical job where a fracture could mean you cannot work for a number of weeks.
  • If you are experiencing physical aches and pains which are impacting your work and quality of life, you could get access to an app that can help with this. With access to physiotherapy advice and personalised exercises.

Career & Legal Support

Sometimes things happen at work, or in our personal lives which we don’t plan for, like redundancy, or dismissal.

  • Some providers offer benefits which can support you looking for work, such as a CV writing service .
  • Some offer access to a Legal Service if you feel you have been unfairly treated or dismissed.
  • Legal services could also help with consumer rights or debt issues.

Additional Benefits

That’s not all! There are other benefits such

• Nutritional advice to help you stay well or recover from sickness.
• Gym discounts
• Discounted gift cards or e-vouchers offering savings on your high street shopping.

As you can see, there is a lot more to protection and insurance, there are many other benefits available to you and your family which can support you and your life in a variety of ways.

At Kingsbridge we have a selection of cover from six of the best providers on the market. All our advisors are fully trained and experienced in offering protection advice and will take their time to find out about you and your circumstances so they can recommend a plan that is right for you.

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