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Too expensive to stay healthy: What are my Options?

The rises in the cost-of-living are affecting many of us across the UK, while we find ways of cutting back, research shows a concerning link between rising costs and declining health across the country.

The cost-of-living pressure

Reports have found that 45% of UK adults believe it’s become too expensive to stay healthy, with 12% experiencing increased medical expenses. Research also found that 73% of 16–24-year-olds are stressed about the rising cost of staying healthy.

Staying healthy in mind and body is so important, even more so when living in uncertain times. If we are in poor health, it can negatively affect our ability to carry on with our daily life, our relationships and professional lives, adding more pressure to the situation.

Looking after your health through diet, exercise and mindful activities means you will become more resilient and therefore better placed to face any challenges that may arise.

Protection: How it can keep you healthy

Most people don’t realise that a comprehensive protection plan can help you and your family in more ways than one!  Most insurance providers throughout the UK offer a variety of services, including nutritional advice, mental health support, and fitness advice, helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of illness.

With long waiting times to see a GP and the pressure on the NHS at the moment, there are some welcome additional added-value benefits, including 24/7 remote GP appointments, second medical opinions, health checks, physiotherapy, and discounted health MOTs. All which can keep you healthy throughout the current economic crisis and into the future.

Protection plans can also help you with your mental health, with some offering access to counselling, emotional and practical support, and access to services where you can get personalised advice and recommendations to help prevent, detect and manage mental health conditions.

We find that many people don’t utilise their cover or make the most of the support available, so it’s worth checking the added-value benefits available to you whether you already have a plan or if you are looking for one.

As you can see, having a comprehensive protection plan in place will not only bring peace of mind if the worse were to happen, it can also bring a wealth of benefits to help you stay healthy.

Talk to us

It’s never too late to protect you and your family. The earlier you look at the options available to you, the sooner you can access the benefits and work towards building a healthy lifestyle.  Our advisors will take the time to find out all about you, your family and circumstances before advising you on the best plan for your budget. Get in touch today to book an appointment.

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